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Farmhouse demo update

The demo work continues on the main part of the farmhouse. Ceilings removed along with a lot of nasties!!! They found a few interesting things in the rafters, old barn wood (yay!) , a manhole cover (why?) horseshoe (maybe lucky?) and some type of metal & wood tool. I'll be happy when this part of the rehab is all done!!!

We found these cans up in the rafters during the demo of the main living quarters of our 1890's Farmhouse.

The house was remodeled during the 1950's by a husband and wife. He a musician and she a designer who also happened to sell antique furniture in the pony barn we now do business out of. My guess, the cans made there way up there during this time. Perhaps someone drinking on the job?!?! Any beer enthusiast out there? We would love to hear more about these retro cans.

These photos are of our future Dining Room in the turret portion of our 1890's Farmhouse.

We've heard it was used as the jockey quarters in the 1920 era, before then we're not 100% certain but our guess the local blacksmith shop.

The exterior demo we left for the professionals. The crew spent the day removing the asbestos stucco from the front. Tomorrow, weather permitting they'll get to the back & the turret.

It's crazy how well the original ship lap has held up considering it is 100 plus years old. *When John Hertz purchased the land in the 1920's he took all the original Farmhouses (ours included) and had stucco applied. By doing that, it gave the homes a grander & cohesive appearance. After all, he had many famous guests visit the Estate and attending his Gatsby-like parties. I imagine it was important to have everything looking top notch.

More updates on the farmhouse to come--stay tuned!!

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