Saturday, November 22, 2014

Chicago Antique Ginsburg Desk

Hello & Happy almost...Thanksgiving! 

Please excuse the messy font size & styles, they're all over the place & I'm not exactly sure why? (Going to have to figure that out another day!)

Today I'm thrilled to share with you our recently reNEWed antique desk. I'm sure most people would have walked away from this desk as we found it, let alone pay for it. Not me!!! For whatever reason, I instantly felt a connection and knew we could & would breathe new life into it. Unfortunately, you just can't find beautiful pieces like this in today's market. 

I believe this may have been the desk belonging to a prominent Chicago attorney.  The brass plated tag inside the center drawer reads Joseph Ginsburg Chicago. Can you only imagine if these drawers could talk...

If by chance you happen to know any Ginsburg's, could you please let them know about our little treasure. I couldn't think of a better home for it! 

I'm definitely no history buff, just someone who has always had a deep hunger for history. As of late, furniture history in particularly.  Sadly, when these pieces are gone, they're gone and with them all the fine skilled craftsmanship from the past. 

So here's our latest labor of Love...

The desk was in overall good condition, minus the damaged veneer top. 

We first soaked the desk top down with wet towels (careful not to wet any of the other wood) we then chiseled away removing the softened veneer.  What we found, a beautiful oak plank top. Woo hoo, only one sliver : )

We then planed down the top to even it out with the edging (which was now a little higher) & also to remove the stubborn glue residue. 

Next we applied a wood conditioner to the very thirsty & dried out wood. The conditioner penetrated the grain of the wood & really made way for a uniform acceptance of the stain. 

Now that the wood was prepped, we then applied an oil based stain. I just love how the stain picked up all the imperfection! Mmm Good!!!

While the desk top was left to dry a few days, we then moved onto prepping the desk base. Sanding  & washing down to get ready for the paint. 

A few of the plastic drawer pulls were missing, I don't believe they were original to the piece) The holes were then filled with bondo & sanded. By doing this, it allowed us to add any size drawer pulls. We were not limited to an exact size.  

I forgot to take photos of the next steps but basically we primed, painted and glazed. We used the the same stain from the desk top for our glazing.  Why go through the step of a glazing? Glazing brings beautiful depth & character to the furniture... settling in all the nooks & crannies. 

After the desk was dry, we then applied a few coats of our go to Polyurethane. Applying to the entire desk, both the stained & painted. (We typically sand between & after the final coat with 1000 grit sandpaper) 
 Why? Smooth durable finish!

We then added the final gem... the hardware. I was happy to find these drawer pulls in my stash of knobs & handles. I had been waiting for the perfect piece, and this was definitely it! 

So with a lot of time, elbow grease but most of all vision, we now have transformed this old desk into a "new" desk. 
Sure to be treasured another 100 years!!! 

And now you know... 
sometimes it takes a little more than just paint : ) 

Vintage Industrial Tanker Chair available too!
For pricing & dimensions of both desk & chair

There are many ways & opinions on painting, refinishing or as we call it reNEWing furniture, please follow all labels and safety precautions before starting your own project. 

Thanks for Looking : ) 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Restoration Hardware Inspired

We recently just finished reNEWing a few thrift store finds, a vintage coffee table & a beautiful pair of 1980's? "Drexel" dressers. With a little time & paint we took these dated pieces and reNEWed them into something you could easily find in today's furniture market.



This time we found our Inspiration from Restoration Hardwares Empire Rosette collection.  What can I say... we simply loooove all their wood

You can Google and find many tutorial on achieving the same RH look. With our particular projects, we were looking for a warm rustic finish which I'm happy to say we achieved.

With the amount of question and emails we received, we came to the fast conclusion that many of you may have older furniture that you're ready to tackle. 
Yay... we love to inspire!

I want to apologize for the so so photos , my timing is never good, it seems it's either raining  or the sun is no where to be found.
 (Not the ideal time for taking photos)

Can I also say Kudos to the many folks out there 
with wonderful photos and tutorials on everything from cooking to building to painting to 
remodeling.... How do you do it?  And do it so well?  And you find the time?  I think I need to find me an army!

We unfortunately didn't have an exact recipe and as with many of our  projects, we simply dived in and hoped for the best! So.... here's our formula  for achieving that "RH" look.

After sanding & cleaning the furniture , we 
applied an oil based primer.
We are fortunate to have an air compressor & HVLP sprayer for painting our furniture.
 ( A necessary tool for the volumes of furniture we reNEW.) 

But you can also apply the primer with a foam roller. Make sure to apply in a well ventilated room.   (PEEew Stinky!!!) 

For smaller projects, you can pick up a few can of KILZ oil base primer. Found at most home improvement stores.

Once the piece(s)  have had time to dry (drying times will vary depending on where you live, weather etc.) Give a light sanding using a sanding block or 220 grit sandpaper.

Now onto the fun..Layering : )'

For our first coat we used something we already had on hand. Sherwin Williams Mega Greige. You guessed it, a mix between Grey & Beige. We 
applied the first coat using a foam roller & Purdy brush. (Make sure to apply in the direction the wood grain would naturally go.) Don't get to fussy, it's ok if a little of the primer is still showing through. 
* This a layered look so with each application you want a little of the previous paint brush strokes showing through.

Base coat- Sherwin Williams Mega Greige 

For the next layers we used Benjamin Moore's -Mink, watered down. With this application, we prefer using a chip paint brush. We find using this type of brush produces an irregular finish again taking on a wood grained look. 

*Keep a lookout for the bristles, they tend to break off 

 We don't literally water down the paint although that may works as well. We just keep a cup of
water close by for dipping the brush into.

Easy peasy and surprisingly you don't use
 alot of paint : )

1. Dip chip brush into water, shake off excess
2. Dip chip brush into paint
3. Blot brush onto clean towel
4. Lightly paint furniture in the direction of the woodgrain

1st Layer of Mink

*Watering down the paint, allows the base coat to come through as a stained wood look.

*If using BM Mink, stir often! For some reason the mink tends to separate and you'll see the orange and blue pigments rise to the top. 

This is where you decide on the look, depth and end result, the more layers applied the deeper and darker it becomes. Repeat steps 1-4 until you achieve the desired look.
Allow to dry thoroughly before adding additional layers!

***At this point, be careful not to use to much water or you may begin removing the previous layers of paint.  Blot that paintbrush!

1 *2* 3 * Layers 

On our long Drexel dresser, we decided to paint the body using 
Benjamin Moore - Snow on  the Mountain
We then added a slight glazing using the BM-Mink (We used the same method as previous, watered down using a chip brush. Wipe with a damp cloth if too much glazing is added)

*The edges were slightly distressed using a sanding block. 

For the final step... we applied 2 coasts of dull polyurethane using our HVLP sprayer. In the past, we've used a foam roller for applying. Once everything is dry, lightly sand with 1000 grit sandpaper for a guaranteed smooth finish : )

Ready to take on your own RH inspired project?
Start small with a picture frame or stool.

If not... our RH inspired items are for sale : )
For pricing & dimension 

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

For the love of Brass

Happy October

How did that happen? October, already?  Why oh why does summer have to come and leave so quickly?  We had a very busy summer & I cherish the  times I was able to walk away from our  reNEWing projects to spend time with family.
I hope your summer was filled with family, friends & fun!

Now that Fall is officially here it is my hope that I might get to posting a bit more frequently.  I also hope to change up the posting a bit, not sure exactly what or how yet, perhaps inspiration &
helpful DIY how to's  to get you started on your own projects. 
(If anyone has a relaxing beachfront property, where I could collect my thoughts, I could reeeeally use it about now!)
Willing to barter, LOL. 

In the meantime, I'll keep sharing what I know best, our "One of a Kind" furniture & home decor : )

Okay, so it’s no secret that recently I've been a bit obsessed with brass. Simply stated, I can't get enough!  Brass is making a huge comeback and can be found in just about any home decor. It seems that everywhere you look, brass is popping up. I think this is influenced largely by the return of the mid-century modern style and art deco 
influence. Is it a trend?  Perhaps, 
but gold and brass have been around along time and it was just a matter of time before it made its way back. 

Here's  just a few of my favorites 

Even Apple has jumped on the Golden wagon with their new 5S IPhone : ) 

My obsession with the brass tones began about a year ago but what really cinched the deal was a light fixture I saw while watching an episode of "Fixer Upper" on HGTV.  Have you seen the show yet? If you haven't, I strongly encourage you to catch an episode or two or three... (If you enjoy home improvement )

Swooning,  oh yes I am!

For our latest project, we drew Inspiration from Target, especially their color palette : )

However,  it was now time to find the perfect vintage pieces. Our search took a few months but when we found  a vintage Sieling Set, I knew right away they would be perfect.  The number one draw for me was the rarity of the pieces! I also fell in love with the overall designs but those legs, Oh my!
I was pretty excited to have found the perfect pieces to now implement the vision I had swirling around in my head.

Do you see the potential?  Would you have passed on this blonde beauty?

The transformation was even better than what I had envisioned in my head!
Oh how I love when that happens!
We had done it! We had brought this blonde duo's sexy back : ) For some reason.... Justin Timberlakes song played in my head the ENTIRE time we were reNEWing these beauties.  

And here they are....

Now,  Modern & Clean 

Those legs, Yummy! 
Love the three textured drawer fronts too! 
The original brass hardware and leg caps have been cleaned & freshened up.
Just the right amount of Glam! 

As with 90%  of our furniture, after prepping an oil base primer was applied followed by BM Advance paint & polyurethane. 
Iron Mountain by Benjamin Moore is one of those colors that looks different depending on the lighting. In natural light it almost looks like a dark brown with a very slight hint of gray but when exposed to artificial light the color takes on a dark gray tone. Very chameleon like, I love it! 

Not sure about the brass and gold tones yet?
What's not to love about this space? It has the perfect balance of both chrome and brass. 

 Remember whether your style is 
traditional, modern, or eclectic, gold & brass tones always works. Take a close look at your favorite design magazines for inspiration. 

And... just in case you're wondering..... I definitely won't be switching out my bathroom faucets or door handles for gold anytime soon!  
I'm a lover of all metal finishes and I strongly believe when paired right, they can live together harmoniously : ) 

For pricing & Dimensions

 A BIG thank you to everyone who has supported, purchased & encouraged us with your kind words! YOU have made it possible for 
Kenzie Lynn Designs! 
Your business is so greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks for Looking : )