Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rustic Chic Dresser / Media Stand

Have you ever came across something you really, really liked but walk away without purchasing it?  And then, you find you can't stop thinking about it & begin obsessing over what you saw? That was the case with our latest reNEWed piece. When I found this rare gem I instantly fell in love with it!!!  The clean lines & rarity is what sold me but the chrome handles and trim is what really made my heart race!!!  

I stood there imagining all the great reNEWing possibilities on this wonderful piece. I then took a few photos and drove home. Within minutes of getting home and looking at the photos I had just taken,  I hopped right back into the car, headed back to the store and purchased the piece.  I made one more trip the next day with a large vehicle to 
pick up my (new to me) mammoth dresser.        

After two weeks of reNEWing our vintage dresser, it was finally done! However, it then sat for another week. Why?  Due to the sheer weight and size of this piece,  I needed enough man power to bring it into the house so I could take the best ipad photos possible. (photos taken next to paint cans, sanders & garage junk,  just don't do our reNEWed furniture justice!)

Our vision for this gem was clear from the get go, 
we wanted a nice combination of  "His & Hers" 

With my children now getting married and making homes for themselves, I've seen their need to 
incorporate both "His" & "Her" styles. We often refer to it as "Rustic Chic" A little glam incorporated with a rustic or wood element.
 Love it! 

For "Her" the glamorous white frame & sparkly hardware.

For "Him" the slightly distressed solid wood drawer fronts & the chrome hardware.
 (chrome = 1950's classic car)
You never know ladies, you might just find him buffing the chrome on occasion : )

No need for a dresser or buffet? It also make a great media cabinet for those very large t.v.'s

Loads of storage!!! 
Nine quality dovetailed drawers too : ) 

This dresser / media stand went through the same 
KLD process as previous furniture we have reNEWed. We sanded, primed the frame with oil based primer, applied two coats of Benjamin 
Moore Decorator White paint to the frame, stained the drawers in a dark walnut & finally applied three coats of polyurethane to all the pieces to ensure a durable end result! And of course we used our favorite 1000 grit sandpaper between coats to ensure a smooth finish: )

This pieces is Vintage so expect appropriate wear for its age. 
Chrome trim does have some scratches (nothing to noticeable) 

**** If interested, please measure to make sure it will fit, because of it's  80" length, it may make it difficult or impossible to make it around narrow/ stairways, hallways, doorways  etc.****

We also have a matching chrome & glass coffee table if interested. (Photos coming soon) 

Need it Delivered? We offer delivery for an additional fee. (2 delivery men would be required plus help on your end for this piece) 

For Dimensions & Pricing

Thanks for Looking : ) 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

"Neat & Tidy" Children's Bedroom Set

We just finished up on reNEWing our 
"Stanley" five piece bedroom set .
This was by far the biggest reNEWal we've tackled so far!!!
 What were we thinking? So many pieces 18,  (I think) plus all the add ons. WHEW, glad to be done with this one! 
Gone is the dated honey oak finish  
& all the stickers, 
replaced now with an updated
  "Restoration Hardware" look in a warm gray. 

 Oh yes, once again Inspired by 
"Restoration Hardware."

This set now has everything you need to get your child's bedroom neat & tidy!!!
No need for a conventional dresser when the side pier cabinets have ample space to hold all your child's clothes. 
Loads & Loads of storage with all the drawers, cabinet & open shelving!

So,  how did we take it from 
"Ordinary" to "Extraordinary?"
Let me tell you in a short condensed kind of way.
(Kudos to my fellow Bloggers/DIYers who manage to illustrate the process step by step. How do you have the time? )

After we prepped the pieces, we applied a oil based primer followed by two cost of paint, followed by a warm glazing & finally applied two coats of polyurethane.  But before we could get to all that, we had some serious changes to make : )

The Before & After 
(In no particular order)

Doors removed from upper hutch, replaced with new industrial baskets (yes, baskets included)

Chevron Fabric foam board added, great for pinning picture, notes etc. 
Desk light added too!

Shutter "like" cabinet door replaced with chalkboard (both inside and out.) Double hook added inside for hanging : )

Original Hardware looking great in a 
oil rubbed bronze 

All the drawers were in great shape but there's always that one... We took care of that! 
Now they're all fresh with new liner : )

And lastly, vintage chair painted in a oil rubbed bronze, new "linen / burlap look" upholstery added too.

Here's the winning combination we used.
BM Paint color applied to the desk unit?
Spray paint applied to hardware & chair 

Day or night our "Neat & Tidy" bedroom set is practical & functional & ready to grow with your child :  )

**** alternative layout****
Why not put the bed between the cabinets and the desk on an adjacent wall. 

Need a bed? I see metal beds on Craigslist all the time.  Or perhaps a pallet bed, ugh oh?... we may just need to try and duplicate this one.

For pricing & dimensions

~And for those on a budget, we are on the hunt for smaller more budget friendly treasures to be reNEWed! 

Have a Blessed Easter 

Thanks for Looking :  ) 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Whimsical & Fun Changing Table Dresser

We are so excited to share our latest reNEWal!!  We transformed a Mid Century china cabinet into a wondrous changing table/dresser for my youngest grandchild Maddie. Maddie and her  older brother Drew, (14 months older) will be sharing a bedroom soon. 

~My beautiful grandchildren~

We had been looking for a cabinet that would not only add height to their room but also storage and a temporary changing table for them.

(Please excuse all the exclamation point, there's going to be a lot!!! I get a little exclamation crazy when I'm excited about one of our projects!!! (See what I mean : ) 

What do we typically look for when we're on the hunt for a piece to reNEW? A lot of things are taken into consideration, such as the quality, functionality, rarity and sometimes something as simple as the hardware. 
As was the case with this piece.

Here's the Mid Century China Cabinet as we found it. Great bones!!!

Take a look at the sweet, vintage hardware!!!  
Yup, that's what sold us!!!
We also loved the chunky whimsical doors & curved drawers : )

We new this vintage china cabinet had EVERYTHING we needed to be reNEWed into another "one of a kind" by Kenzie Lynn Designs. What we didn't realize, was all the hours & work that would be required to do just that. Ugh!!! You 
might say we jumped right in before thinking it all the way through. 
Oh well... In the end, it was worth it! 

Our Inspiration? Restoration Hardware of course!
I just love their vision for furniture, just not the price tag that's goes with it. 

Back to our little project ....
At one time our cabinet had sliding glass doors on the hutch top (similar to the photo below)

The glass is long gone, but what we had left was 
the routed out channels on the bottom & sides 
where the glass once sat. 
Since we knew we didn't want it to look like an old china cabinet, the channels were filled in with bondo & then sanded leaving a smooth surface for priming & painting. Yea : )
(Sorry forgot to get a before photo)

The next challenge which we hadn't noticed until we got it back to the work space, was the missing
wood from the bottom front of the cabinet.  
(I'm telling you, I was blinded, the hardware was the only thing I saw on this fabulous piece!)

Forgot to get a before photo on this too!

At this point we knew we had two options, we could either replace the wood or do as we chose to do & add cute bun-like feet. We opted for adding the bun feet which added just a bit more whimsy.

We used outdoor fence toppers from Home Depot, they worked perfectly for our 
purpose & were definitely a HUGE saving!

The next little challenge was the built in  
(non-removable)  hutch shelving. 
We knew we needed more height clearance if this was going to be a functional changing table.

Hmmm...think, think, think :  )

We decided to keep the top shelf which was needed for the stability of the hutch. We did however remove the bottom shelf , which can be added on later with clips (after the diapering stage is over. ) The holes from removing the shelf were then filled in with more bondo. 

Once the custom changing tray topper was made 
& all the prep work was done we then primed, painted, glazed and polyurethaned all the pieces.

Drum roll please : ) 

Introducing our  "one of a kind" 
changing table dresser. Last night we brought it over to Maddie & Drew's bedroom.
I just couldn't resist sharing the "after" photo before getting the chance to add the accessories,  (I"ll be sharing better photos soon : )
Note to self  ***finish stenciling the wall***

For now, our  reNEWed cabinet is in it's new temporary / permanent home ???
Why is that? 
Our goal is to find a balance of feminine & masculine for their bedroom. This piece screams "girly". The question is, will we be able to bring in enough "boy" to balance the room?  Or will this "girly" piece take over the space?  
(I wouldn't want my Grandson growing up in a little girls room! ) 

So.. Will it stay? Or will it go?
That is still to be determined!!!

Our reNEWed cabinet & our Inspiration
are obviously not exact & that was never our intention but the grandness of them both can't be denied!!! 
(I know I may be a little bit bias but I like our just a tad bit more.)

What's your thoughts? We would looooove to hear from you!!!

Hope you're enjoying the Spring weather &
Thanks for Looking : )