Monday, July 14, 2014

" Getting Ready to be reNEWed"

Happy Monday : )

We're back, after taking a week off of all Social Media outlets including ours! 
Wow, keeping up with all that, can be daunting & also very time consuming! (We've also been super busy with something we hope to be sharing very soon !!!) 

If you're like me, you browse Social Media for one specific reason and an hour or two later you've been sidetracked in a dozens different directions!
(And all I really, really want to do is paint and make pretty furniture : )

Oh well!

The last month or so we've been busier than usual helping clients with some of our 
  "Getting Ready to be reNEWed" furniture.

What is our "Getting Ready to be reNEWed"? 

 It's a little corner on our blog where we post 
photos of our recent finds & treasures.  A 
little bit of everything... antique, vintage, and some pieces with just good bones! 
You might say it's our holding area : ) 
It gives us a little time to envision the piece(s) and also gives you the opportunity to have us customize the furniture however YOU may envision it. You decide what the finished piece will look like after the reNEWing process by your choice of paint color, glazing, distressing & fabric.

If you've been following us here on our blog or on our Facebook page, you just may have noticed that some of our "Sold furniture" never quite makes it onto our  "Getting Ready to be reNEWed"  

Why is that?
1. We have either been on the hunt for a particular furniture item that we already have a vision for


2. We find a specific items that fits the need of someone who had previously contacted us.

So you've seen a particular furniture pieces you think you may like? 

Now what? 

 That's when the fun begins and also a barrage of emails. Well, may be not a barrage but at the very least a dozen or so. 

If you know how you would like the item reNEWed, great!  However, if you are like many others and have a hard time visualizing, we will happily help you through the process.
 All we need from you, is a few photos of your space where the furniture piece will go. And it's also very helpful to get any photos you may have saved from favorite websites ie; Pinterest, Houzz etc. The more photos we have... the better sense we'll have on your decorating style.

Here's two recent pieces we finished customizing for clients. It just so happens, both dressers will be used as changing tables in the nursery.

One for a precious baby girl

The other for a baby boy destined for adventure : )

And just a few of the custom projects we're working on now...

1. Dining table with customers own base added to one of our table tops.  
2. Antique shield back chairs 
3. Antique desk 

*We typically will have our "Getting Ready to be reNEWed" furniture listed a few weeks before we begin the reNEWing process.
Although a few have been in the holding area for sometime.... due to the extensive prepping that will need to be done (stripping) Ugh!!!

*We encourage you to come take a look at the furniture before the reNEWing begins. We want you to know exactly what you're getting and be 100% thrilled with the finished product!
And for those coming from the city (80% of our clientele) think of it as a beautiful drive out to the country.

And, don't forget to check out all of our recent finds, here's the link : )

If  we've inspired you in the slightest way to take on your own project we would love to hear from you and photos are a bonus!

Have a great week & 
Thanks for Looking : ) 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rest & Relaxation Rocker

If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or here on our Blog, you just may have noticed a reoccurring theme with our reNEWed 
furniture lately.

As you can tell from the photo below we have a real love obsession for these tranquil colors. My daughter thinks I'm in need of an ocean vacation?  (She may be right!)
It's what we're calling our seaside hues, calming colors often associated with coastal living.
Whether,  you live by the sea or not, these coastal inspired pieces will start you on your way, instantly bringing the look and feel of summer into your home : ) 

Here's our latest, our Rest & Relaxation Rocker.

With a little paint and imagination, we've been able to create another "one of a kind" piece using the same seaside hues. 

My ever so talented daughter who also happens to be an Interior Designer stopped by the other day and said "Mom, you make furniture pieces that people can design their rooms around"  
(Thanks Amber,  I'm not sure you realize what an impact that statement had on me!  That's was a huge compliment coming from you!!!)


For pricing, dimensions & to see all our reNEWed furniture click on the link below 

If you're not following Kenzie Lynn Designs, we'd like to invite you to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our blog to get all updates on all our latest reNEWed projects.

Happy Summer & Thanks for Looking : )  

Monday, June 23, 2014

Fit for a Queen Upholstered bed

Happy Monday to you all! 
Hope you had a fun, relaxing weekend! 

 Saturday my husband and I spent driving and stopping in Antique stores in Wisconsin. What fun that was! Not only do I love finding little treasures but I also get a kick out of talking to all the locals. 

Dirt, dust, webs and who know what else? 
But I love everything about these little treasure we picked up! 
Just loove the real copper bands and hardware on this antique cedar chest. Vision? Resoration Hardware of course.

Sunday was spent working on a few of our projects to be reNEWed. (We have a little pile called our back burners, they take a bit more time to reNEW)

Hubby's Sunday project

This has fast become my husbands little baby! When we purchased this old Antique Sideboard, it was in pretty good shape overall. Just in need of a little TLC (which my husband happily took on : )
 We had and still have no intention on making this sideboard perfect!  After all, the beauty of this pieces is all the character and years of living it's been through. It a rare thing now a days to find such superior craftsmanship not to mention solid wood!
We're still undecided on whether we"ll be selling this one or not? 
My husband has really grown to love it! 

My Sunday Project

We had been looking for sometime for a bed that could be reNEWed by simply painting and adding 
 After all, upholstered headboards seems to be all the rage!

 We found the ever classic 1980's? Broyhill Fontana queen bed (no offense if you have one sitting in your bedroom right now.) We just felt the honey yellow color could use a little freshening up! 
For those not wanting to upholster, give it a quick updating with just a little paint.
 Look at the transformation below, and that's just primer : )  

Back to the fun.....
In my head, upholstering the bed seemed to be an easy enough thing to do, WRONG! It's not that it was super difficult, just very labor intensive & lots & lots of materials.
(Shout out to all the bloggers who can do what we do and also show wonderful step by step tutorial?) 
 (I would love to hear your secrets!)

Here's my little project : /
And a condensed version of the steps we took :  ) 
1.Sanded 2.Primed 3.Painted 4.Polyurethaned 5.Cut wood for upholstery backing 6.Added anchoring screws 7.Cut out fabric 8.Made fabric piping 9.Attached foam & poly batting 10.Attached fabric & piping 11.Added nailhead trim  

And here it is finished : ) 

And you know how we love all the details!!!

Beautiful satin nickel nailheads were added to create just the look we were after! (My poor little fingers were a little banged up after adding those)
And on the practical side, the upholstery is 100% polyester making it soft, extremely durable & easy to keep clean! 

For pricing & Dimensions 

Thanks for Looking : )