Friday, February 8, 2013

Crate Keepsake

Recipe for the perfect photo?
1. Start with the cutest, most precious baby.  My grandson fits that bill to the "T."
2. Add a personalized crate created by: Kenzie Lynn Designs
3. Find a good great photographer .

After recently sharing this photo of my precious grandson to family and friends, the responses were flooding in. Everyone was in agreement that it was one of the best newborn pictures they had ever seen. Of all the photos taken that day, none were as Überlicious as the photo of him in the personalized crate complete with his birth stats. (Don't you just love the little newsboy hat his Auntie bought him?) 

Looooove him : )
Photo by Carley Kay Photography

Of course after all the oohing and aahing on how precious he was, everyone asked where we got the crate. And, so it began... "the crate keepsake"
If you're interested in your own personalized crate, perhaps as a shower, birthday or wedding gift, let us know. 
Custom color & sizes available too : )

It also makes a great container to hold toys, magazines, etc
Actual size shown 19w x 11h x 13d 

Thanks for Looking : )


  1. How much are the crates? Do you have a sale page I can refer my clients to?

  2. Hi Shannon we are working on adding a "Crate Keepsake" tab to the top of our blog, hope to have it up in the next few days. We will have pricing, description and custom options. I'll keep ya posted : )
    Thanks : )

  3. Have you made any progress toward production of these crates? I love them :)